Premium Beyblade Random 6 Pack Party Collector Set



Our Beyblades are made from the highest quality materials and thoroughly examined for perfection. Receive 6 Randomized Beyblades from every series such as Metal Masters, Metal Fury, Metal Fusion, Zero-G Shogun Steel, and Burst.  Receive the best value to collect all of your favorite Beyblades.  Each Beyblade that comes in the Party Set comes with full parts and stickers to let you customize and Let it Rip the way you want to. Collect them All !!

Metal Fusion – Storm Pegasus, Bakushin Susanow Black, DarkPoseidonBurnPhoenix Fire Blaze, Dark Wolf, Rock Leone Lightning L Drago,BakushinSusanow White, Storm Capricorne, Dark Bull, Earth Eagle, PoisonSerpent,Rock Counter Leone, Thermal Pisces

Metal Masters – Meteo L Drago White, L Drago DestroyDestructor,RockScorpio (Escorpio), Poison Giraffe (Zurafa), Evil Befall,Black Sun GoldGalaxy, Ray Unicorno, Basalt Horogium, Rock Giraffe, HellKerbecs Hades, Gravity Perseus Destroyer, Sol Blaze Gold, Nightmare Rex

Metal Fury – Big Bang Pegasus, Jade Jupiter, Galaxy Pegasus, RayGil,Beat Lynx, Divine Fox, Flash Sagittario, Flame Libra, FusionHades,Omega Dragonis, Proto Nemesis, Fang Leone Burning Claw Red,Phantom Orion, Spiral Lyre (Screw Lyra)

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